Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"Me", by me.

I just wanted to give you an insight into my personal thought process while taking outfit pics:

“Fix hair – stand tha – not that way – ok that looks ok – damn I got a big head – ok – stand thi – shit – ok turn a little – holy shit I’m sweating – my hair, dammit – ok, fix hair – ugh stand up straighter – that one might be good – ok you look crazy -  look less crazy in the face – shit should I smile – ok that looks weird – nice gut - put shoulders back – maybe frontal – ok looks like I’m trying too hard – eyes looked a little crossed in that one – hold phone farther away – fuuuuck I’m sweating – flip hair right – flip it back to left – arms are tired - ugh don’t move – don’t want to lose place – ugh I’m sick of this – just another one – oh shit that looked ok – one more – nope.”


Shirt - GAP (I bought this shirt from Goodwill for $4.00.  It is a men's size large. I am not a men's size large. So I pulled out my sewing machine, ran a seam up both sides of shirt AND down the inside/and down the length of both sleeves........ and voila! Super easy.)
Skirt - Forever 21 (I bought this skirt this past Feb - $17.90.  I mean, really. And it has pockets.)
Heels - Jessica Simpson (D'Orsay style pumps - I bought these at Nordstrom last year. I have these in nude too and are easily some of my fav heels.  They go with errrrything.)


  1. Oh my gosh I am obsessed with you and laughed so hard at your description of taking a selfie!!😂😂😂 Spot on girlfriend! Annnnnd, you look amazing! 😘

    1. Hahaha, it's so true though!! Thanks boo!! 😘😘