Thursday, July 27, 2017

I've been thinking..............scary.

I feel like I need some sort of shtick otherwise I kind of feel like I’m mindlessly posting.  Back before the recession 10 yrs ago, which yes, I know, dates me #improbablyoldenoughtobeyourmomz I did not think twice about dropping $200 and $300 dollars on a single pair of jeans every couple of weeks. To me, now, it just seems like a waste of money and even more so because you can find really well made clothing for a fraction of that cost.  It does take some effort, but like anything else, the more you do it, the better you get at it……… or the easier it gets, really.

So when I first started this blog 5 years ago, the intent then was to learn to shop your closet and wear a new outfit every day – I gave myself the weekends off after while because it was a lot of work.  I can honestly say that the 9 months (??) I posted then, I learned to shop more efficiently for clothing – and 5 yrs later, I’m still wearing most of the items I bought then, shirts included.  I also keep a mental list of “wants” when I shop so I know what I’m looking for MOST of the time (hahaha) which has proven to be very helpful and I very seldom have buyer's remorse. And I wear a lot of the same items in spring and in the winter – it’s a thought every time I shop and can really extend your closet.

So maybe that’s the kind of outfits I will be posting on here – outfits around the $50.00 price mark.  I still buy expensive-ish shoes…………………………  but they’re worth splurging on in my opinion.

I don’t remember where I bought these jeans, they were super cheap, like under $20.00, but they were just really long and really weird, therefore I never wore them.  And then one morning a couple of months ago I said to myself  YOLO and I cut the knee holes and cut bottoms off and then took a seam ripper and frayed all of it.  The tank top was a sale item at F21 - $7.00.  It was a size large, which I am not, but it draped nicely and plan on wearing several different ways. I bought the camo jacket at Kohls in 2013, and it’s a favorite.

Anywho, look at me, another post in the same damn week.